Jeronie Alcantara

Senior Creative Strategist Operations

About me

As a senior creative strategist with a background in performance marketing and 8 years of experience, I specialize in designing and executing high-performing direct response creative.


I have developed a comprehensive range of skills in marketing and creative production, spanning multiple areas. These include direct response copywriting, video editing, and image retouching, as well as the ability to analyze campaign metrics across different platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok.

Each project in this portfolio is a culmination of creative ingenuity and data-driven optimization, having undergone extensive rounds of iterations and testing that have collectively generated millions of dollars in profit. Whether it's crafting engaging scripts, refining visual content, or tracking performance metrics, I pride myself on staying ahead of the curve and delivering results that exceed expectations.

I have a passion for the outdoors and staying active, and some of my favorite activities include bodyboarding and practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu. I also have a 14-year old Shiba-Inu named Cuba. Currently, my favorite song is Turnstile - The Real Thing (Mall Grab Remix).

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